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Props to the Installation Crew

April 9, 2010

(Left to right:  Mike Cohen, Masoud Akbarzadeh, Lara Davis, Samuel Kronick, Sam Cohen, John Ochsendorf, Mallory Taub, Fabi Meacham, Cynthia Ting.)

So, I should stop stalling and get to it – the construction at the Cooper-Hewitt!  Before describing our insane 5-day trials, however, I would like to thank our installation team.  For a number of reasons, we had to call on some somewhat less experienced hands for this construction.  However, I really believe in the end that it was most possible because of the impressive skill, patience, persistence and hard work of our crew.  The generosity of this group, who volunteered their time and gave up their spring breaks to build this project, was deeply impressive to me.  Invisible laborers always get very high marks in my book, and I am truly grateful for the support we had –within our team and at the museum.

Our particular gratitude goes our to Matt O’Connor, the production manager of the Cooper-Hewitt, and his extraordinary team, foremost, Kevin, Jim and Roy.  Their material support – and their great humor – throughout this construction made it not only possible to complete, but really a great pleasure to build.

– Lara

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